Sydney born and raised singer-songwriter Penelope is an artist unlike any other. Her twist on soul music, emotive lyrics and what she calls 'distressed pop' is captivating, alluring and refreshing. 


Penelope's unique voice, coupled with an undeniably powerful ability to deliver the heart and soul of a song, has made her one of Australia's leading vocalists. She now adds her much awaited original songwriting to the mix and is finally making a home for herself through her own music. She invites her listeners and audiences into her own world - where ‘misfits’ rule and are all adored and celebrated.


Penelope is a fierce lover and supporter of equal rights and the LGBTQIAPK community, so it is fitting that her single, Electricity (due for release in early 2019), is a song detailing the real and complicated nuances of gay relationships. When asked what the song is about, Penelope shares that "it's of a scenario that happens, of a budding friendship between a gay man and a straight man, except the complication is he has a girlfriend". As the song unravels, we hear their world spiral as listeners are welcomed into a story that goes out of control.


Based on her compelling live shows and raw lyrics, Penelope's wide fanbase of beloved misfits will be taken on board for the ride while she makes the world a more colourful, fabulous and accepting place through her music.